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"An ancient legend says the Taurus full moon is the one time a year the buddha leaves the high place where he works and dwells to return to the Earth and BLESS THE WORLD."
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Buddha Statues . Org is an non-profitable website based in Nepal. This site buddha statues . org was establised with a
purpose to support Deep Monastary located in Pokhara. Buddha Statues . Org is non profitable Buddhist Educational
Resource Center trying to provide buddha related education with free of cost and also help to promote and
preserve the cultural making heritage of statue crafts in Nepal.
Beside these things we are so proud to present an outstanding collection of Buddha Statues, Bodhisttvas Statues,
Buddha Thangka and Buddha related objects etc. For a surprisingly reasonable price. Enjoy the beauty and pride of
ownership that a stunning art of Nepalese metal, wooden, stone sculpture can bring. All these Buddha Statues and
Bodhisattva Statues are crafte in Patan, Nepal. Buddha Statues . Org is supporting and contributing by selling
these beautiful Buddha Statues and Bodhisattva Statues and all its profit raise by selling these beautiful buddha
statues. You too can contribute by purchasing these Buddha Statues and Bodhisattva Statues throught our site in
association with our online associate partner Himalayan Mart Trade.

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